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Dynamixel XH 430 horn has a vertical play. Video available.
2021-03-16 18:59:58 Forenkazan


I assembled a Dynamixel XH 430 horn in the following steps:

1-Align the dot in the horn with the dot in the motor

2-Put the washer before the horn

3-Put the horn in its place

4-Push the horn until it no longer moves

However, after some time working with the motor, I noticed there is a vertical play. I pulled out and noticed the play.

Please see the video attached

2021-03-16 18:59:58
2021-03-16 20:19:30 Will Son


Thank you for attaching the video.

It looks like there's an issue with the housing or bearing.

Would you please request RMA from where you purchased the product so that our engineers can investigate more to identify the problem?

I apologize for your inconvenience.

Thank you.

2021-03-16 20:19:30
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