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Dynamixel MX28(1.0)_Arduino Uno_Arduino IDE_ return to o position from unknown position when the power is turned on
2021-07-16 16:41:27 DANAISH

Hi everyone, I am new at Robotics. I am  controlling MX28 using Arduino Uno and working on the extended position control. 

Now the problem is when the power is off  and I rotate the MX28 servo manually suppose from  0 degree to 460 degree, in this case when switch up the power the dyanmixel should run way back to 0 position (which is set as home position) which it does. but it seems the servo moves from 460 to 360 only which is only 100 degrees back. 

I am working on a Project which needs up to 2 complete cycles in CCW and CW directions which is working fine when the dynamixel is connected to power. But once the torque is disable (i.e., power turned off) the motor can turn freely in any of the directions which causes problem as the potentiometer recognises the unknown position in limits between 0-360 but it doesn't know the number of cycles/turns when the power is turned again. 

Is there any way to solve this issue! using any program coding technique, as we know when the motor is connected to battery we easily know the number of turns/present extended position but when it is disconnected then we can only read the position in between 360 degrees no matter how many turns we rotate.

Thanks again.


2021-07-16 16:41:27
2021-07-26 14:08:12 Will Son

This issue has been responded in the GitHub issue thread below


2021-07-26 14:08:12
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