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Robotis Premium stuck in Demo Mode
2021-07-29 16:27:16 michaelbrooks

I've taken my Bioloid Robotis Premium out of storage (it's been a few years) and noticed that when I put it in PLAY mode, it gets stuck in a Demo Mode loop (Bow, Bravo1, Bravo2, Bravo3, Bravo1, Bravo2, Bravo3, etc.). 

The robot will not enter walking mode or remote control mode.

I have updated the firmware and reinstalled the basic program for Robot Model A. I've tried it with the sensors disconnected. It just keeps looping through the 3 Bravo motions.

Any help or suggestions appreicated :)

2021-07-29 16:27:16
2021-07-30 14:30:19 rjtp5670

Hi, Michael

Not sure what's main cause. 

I personally doubt that your controller does not have motion files in the controller. 

Go to Download Motion and download the basic example of Premium.

To avoid any error, make sure to download new task files as well (See Download Task Code)

2021-07-30 14:30:19
2021-08-05 20:41:03 Michael Brooks

Hi David,

Thankyou for your quick response and excellent suggestion. You were spot on. The robot is now functioning properly. Much appreciated!


2021-08-05 20:41:03
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