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MicroPython API doc for CM-550 on Engineer kit
2021-08-03 16:21:04 Out_of_the_BOTS

I have brought the Robotis Engineer kit1 and kit2. It has only just arrived and myself and my son are learning to use while in lock-down and home schooling.

I am personally experienced in robotics in using embedded C, and Micropython as well as some Ardunio.

My son has built the Dr-R robot from kit 1 and we have run the demos and are now starting to write our own code and make our own motions with the Task 3.0 app on windows 10. We have had succes in creating our own motions then down loading them to the robot then writing some basic code in python which calls the motion as well as a bit of a play with some of the other CM-550 python API functionality.

The only documentation I have found on the python API is here https://emanual.robotis.com/docs/en/edu/pycm but it only documents a very small amount of the API's functionality.

My son has written a reasonable about of python code but has never touched C code. I am setting him a challenge to program Dr-R to have a simple UI on the smart screen that allows the user to get the robot to perform dances that he has to create. When the robot dances it has to display images on the smart phones screen and play music through the smart phone as well.

All this functionality exists as the demo programs demonstrate it but I can't find any docs for it. I have done a little poking around and use the smart class to read the touch screen of the smart device but have been unable to display pics on the screen or get it to play sound.

Can anyone link me to the docs for all the fuctionality of the pycm API??

2021-08-03 16:21:04
2021-08-06 11:32:16 Will Son

Thank you for your inquiry.

This issue is being responded in the community below.


Thank you.

2021-08-06 11:32:16
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