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Can OpenCM9.04 Support Other Non-Dynamixel Hardware?
2021-09-09 02:50:13 sometimesLazy

I have an OpenCM9.04 board and it's been successful communicating with Dynamixels, but I recently obtained linear servos from MightyZap and have some issues uploading their sample code into the 9.04 board (mainly because it's missing SoftwareSerial).

The MightyZap does support the Arduino IDE, but its API is specifically for Arduino UNO and Leonardo, both of which have SoftwareSerial. I was hoping this wouldn't make a difference since the 9.04 board supports the Arduino IDE, but clearly struggles with the MightyZap library. Has anyone used any other hardware outside of Dynamixels, especially MightyZaps with the 9.04 board and did you make it work? Or anything outside Dyanmixels simply incompatible?


2021-09-09 02:50:13
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