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XH430-V350-R cannot be rotated to a fixed angle
2021-09-09 10:07:44 2408057

Problem Description:

Model: XH430-V350-R

Operation: position mode, other parameters are defaulted. Under load, there is a problem that it cannot be rotated to a fixed angle (for example: the target angle of sending 2048 is 180.04 degrees, but the actual rotation is 178.81 degrees, the steering gear will stop. The difference is 1.27 degrees (not within the normal range). At this time, (123: Moving Status is also not set to one). In this case, will the internal current of the steering gear increase to increase the torque to make the steering gear reach the target position? What is the cause of this situation? Is there a solution?

It is worth noting that: In this case, we gently dial the steering gear, the steering gear returns to the target angle, 123: Moving Status is set at this time).

thanks again

2021-09-09 10:07:44
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