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How pos profile transmit to position controller in MX-64
2022-06-01 22:18:31 shanghairob


could you help explain how the trajectory profile transmit to the position controller?

as my understand, it the pos trajectory tooks 0.6s,  every 0.1s, the pos will transmit to position controller( 0.1s(pos1) 0.2s(pos2)...and so on)

is it a correct understanding? 

one of my problem is If MX-64 attached a heavy link, how could guarantee the trajectory will be followed by MX-64?

thanks a lot!

2022-06-01 22:18:31
2022-06-13 17:32:01 Will Son


I'm sorry about the delayed response.

Please use the ROBOTIS community as there are more useful information and active discussions.

Yes, the Time-based profile will create a trajectory over a given time while referring the present position internally.

In case of attaching a heavy load at the horn, you might need to adjust the PID gains properly so that it can follow the trajectory.

Thank you.

2022-06-13 17:32:01
2022-06-23 22:38:22 por1122

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2022-06-23 22:38:22
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