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MX-64 position mode PID controller
2022-07-28 16:42:25 shanghairob
Hi, willison
I am using MX-64 pwm mode, and labveiw code.  

My question,
I read the control algrithm of Mx-64 from emanual, and use wizard2.0 to test it in position mode

  1. I checked, in the position mode,  KP gain is 850, but I dont know what is the delta (target-current) if delta*kp= pwm. the delta is target pos-current pos or target degree- current degree?
  2. I using PWM mode and create my own KP controller I also add my own trajectory planner, I compare my controller and dynamxiel position mode KP controller, dynamixel posiiton mode KP controller is more precisive and stable no vibration. my controller always has 2-3 degree stable error and with vibration.
    in my understand, there are should be the same, so what is the differnece between my own KP controller and dynamxiel KP controller.
2022-07-28 16:42:25
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