The U2D2 power hub board combines with the U2D2 to supply a variety of external power sources to Dynamixels. The board is capable of supplying power to all Dynamixels with the SMPS port, terminal block, and 2P power connector. The board has holes to fix the U2D2 module and can be assembled using the rivets supplied in the package.

-Easily powers ON/OFF with the power switch

Package Components
U2D2 Power Hub Board1
Support M3x10x64
  1. *U2D2 and robot cables not included.

H/W Specifications
Dimension48mm x 57mm
Operating Voltage7.4V ~ 24.0V
Max Current10.0A
Compatible Products

- Use the Molex-JST Convertible Cable (Use 3P or 4P based on your communication selection)

DYNAMIXEL X-Series, PRO+ Series

- USe the JST Cable. (Use 3P or 4P based on your communication selection)

The U2D2 power hub board only has a JST type connector and requires a convertible cable when connecting to  Molex type connectors. 

*Required cables: Min 2 pcs (U2D2 <-> DYNAMIXEL, U2D2 Power Hub Board <-> DYNAMIXEL)


  1. When using the terminal block, please pay attention to the polarity when using external power.
  2. Left side is - and Right side is +

  3. Various pins are exposed behind the board. We recommended to assemble and use the supporter included.