Bolts/Nut for ROBOTIS Premium.

Includes Tapping Screws that is not included in the BNS-10 set.

For when extra bolt/nuts are required for the kits or frames.

Package Components
S11 (PHS_M2X04_TAP_K)40
S12 (PHS_M2X06_TAP_K)10
S13 (PHS_M2X08_TAP_K)10
S14 (PHS_M2_6X08_TAP_K)5
S15 (PHS_M3X08_TAP_K)5
Cable Holder FP04-F5520

*Does not include Bolt Nut Set BNS-10

Compatible Products

ROBOTIS Premium, ROBOTIS GP, Dynamixel AX-Series, CM-5, CM-510, CM-530