KIT,PLATFORM | I want to upgrade my BIOLOID Comprehensive Kit to BIOLOID Premium Kit.

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If you already have a Bioloid Comprehensive Kit and want to upgrade it to a ROBOTIS Premium Kit, please refer to the table below and purchase the required parts. You will have to purchase all the “REQUIRED” parts to build all Premium robot examples. 



CM-530 1 O    
LIPO Battery Charger LBC-010 1 O    
LIPO 11.1V Battery Set LBS-010 1 O    
RC-100A 1   If you already have the RC-100, just purchase the ZIG-110A set or BT-110A Set.
Gyro Sensor GS-12 1 O    
DMS-80 1 O    
IR Sensor IRSS-10 2 O   Required when building humanoid, etc.
FP04-F51/F52 Set 1 O    
FP04-F53 4pcs 1 O    
FP04-F54 4pcs 1 O    
DYNAMIXEL Cable Holder FP04-F55 20pcs 1   O Cable Organizer
Skin FP04-F56/F57/F58/F59 Set 1 O   Skin (case) for humanoid
(required for the DMS sensor)
FP04-F1 10pcs 1   O Light-weight version
Has the same dimensions as the BPF series frames
FP04-F2 10pcs 1   O "
FP04-F3 10pcs 1   O "
FP04-F4 6pcs 1   O "
FP04-F5 6pcs 1   O "
FP04-F6 12pcs 1   O "
FP04-F7 6pcs 1   O "
FP04-F8 3pcs 1   O "
FP04-F9 5pcs 1   O "
FP04-F10 10pcs 1   O "
FP04-F11 2pcs 1   O "
FP04-F12 2pcs 1   O "
FP04-F13/F14 4Set 1   O "
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** The OLLO parts used to adjust the ZIG-110 is not sold separately, Please use tape, etc to fix this.