KIT,PLATFORM | [ROBOTIS MINI] The initial pose is awkward when running the App.

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1) There is a problem with the assembly (ID position, horn position)
When the App is on, the motors move to their initial position.
If the assembly has not been done properly (ID or horn position is wrong),
the robot’s initial position will be out of shape, which could damage the motors.
In this case, please turn the power off and check the assembly again.
If the assembly has been done correctly, please run the 

to check whether the initial pose is same as the pose shown below.

2) There is a problem with the motion file
The motion file may not have been downloaded, or has been altered.
Please download the motion file again from the e-Manual site.
3) There is a problem with the offset
There may be an abnormally high/low value inputted in the offset value.
Please check the 
OFFSET VALUES, and modify them if necessary.