KIT,PLATFORM | [ROBOTIS MINI] There is no torque in the motor / There is a red light …

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1) The battery is low
The power will not turn on if the battery voltage is low.
Please fully charge the Li-ion battery and try again.
2) The torque is turned off
If the motor keeps rotating to a direction it can’t rotate to (stuck with frame, overload),
the torque will automatically turn off to prevent the motor from greater damage.
In this case, please turn off the power, check the motor’s assembly, and try again.
3) There is a problem with the cable.
It the cable is snapped and there is a contact failure, the motor may repetitively turn on and off.
Please check the cable status and try again.
4) The gear is damaged
The gear may be damaged if you run into symptoms like;
  - The motor works, but makes ticking noises and has low torque.
  - When rotating the motor manually with your hand, it feels like there is something being stuck at a certain point.
In this case, please contact your local distributor (or us) and apply for an RMA.