DYNAMIXEL | How do I replace gears on a DYNAMIXEL?

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Gear sets that are purchasable;
AX series : AX-12A, AX-18A
MX series : MX-28 / MX-64 / MX-106

X Series: X430-210, X430-350
* Please understand that if you are unable to find the gears you need on our shop,
  it means that it can only be repaired through our repair service.

  Please check our REPAIR CENTER
1. Before placing in the replacement gears, please clean up any broken gears or dust that may be present in the case.
(There may be broken parts left in the empty case)
2. When changing gears, it is recommended to change all gears at once.
   (Having some broken gears or parts leftover in the case may damage other gears)
3. Please be careful not to lose the bushing in the AX series (or bearings in MX).
   (Also be careful not to lose the parts on top and under the wheel gear)
4. For MX series, you must go through calibration after replacing the gears.
   * What is calibration setting?
      It is a process to align the gears’ initial position, to set the motor’s initial position value.
MX Calibration Setting

Please check the videos below and follow the instructions.
MX-64 / 106