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MX106 power supply
2022-07-20 05:42:25 PierpaoloTNT

MX106 can be powerd with a voltage between 10 and 14,8 volts. if I will use 4 cells lithium battery the maximum voltage with full charge batteries is 16,8 Volts. I can not use 3 cells otherwise the voltage drop too quickly and my motor doesn't have enough autonomy. 

Do you think that 16,8 are still acceptable or 14,8 is strictly mandatory?



2022-07-20 05:42:25
2022-08-16 18:53:42 Will Son

Hi Paolo,

I'm sorry about the delayed response.

It is strongly recommended to use the MX-160 within its operating voltage range.
Please note that the max voltage limit is set to 16.0V, and continuous use of high voltage power source will affect to the lifetime of the product.


Thank you.

2022-08-16 18:53:42