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mx-64 no voltage feedback
2022-08-04 10:53:18 2408057


An abnormal phenomenon occurred when we used a steering gear (mx-64). The steering gear purchase time should be around October 2018. There are a total of three steering gears, all of which use the steering gear 1.0 protocol, and all of them are tested under the Dynamix wizard 2.0 software, without load:

Abnormal phenomenon of steering gear 1: no voltage feedback, unable to rotate

Abnormal phenomenon of steering gear 2: the LED indicator light is faulty, the torque is very small, the gear sound is loud, the first few times of rotation are normal, and the back cannot rotate.

Abnormal phenomenon of steering gear 3: LED indicator is faulty, there is no voltage feedback, and it cannot stop after rotation;

Thank you again

2022-08-04 10:53:18
2022-08-16 19:11:29 Will Son


Thank you for attaching the video clips.

Please check the voltage of your power source first which should be within the operating voltage range of the MX-64.


Then, try the firmware recovery from the DYNAMIXEL Wizard 2.0.

Make sure to select the MX-64 firmware correctly.

Selecting the MX-64(2.0) will upgrade your MX-64 to run with the DYNAMIXEL Protocol 2.0 which is not compatible with the Protocol 1.0.

Lastly, perform the Self Check in the page below. Your DYNAMIXEL could be damaged or gears could be rusty and needs to be replaced.


Thank you.

2022-08-16 19:11:29