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OpenCM 9.04 SDA and SLA pins
2022-08-29 16:42:30 DANAISH

Hi everyone, I am trying to use I2C communication between arduino UNO and OpenCM. Actually the problem is the OpenCM is already connected with OpenCM485 exp board which communicates through (pins: 24, 25). In the manual (OpenCM),the SDA_2 SCL_2 pins are mentioned clearly. However, I couldn't find the SDA_1 SCL_1 pins. thanks in advance. 

2022-08-29 16:42:30
2022-10-27 17:20:08 Will Son


SDA 1 pin of the OpenCM9.04 MCU is assigned to control the LED.

More details about the pin assignment can be found from the code below.


2022-10-27 17:20:08