3D Printable & Programmable Humanoid Robot

ROBOTIS MINI is an adorable humanoid robot. You can program its motions
with downloadable R+ Task and R+ Motion software.
You can also control the robot via smart device by downloading the ROBOTIS MINI app.



  • ▪ [NEW YORK TIMES] Selected as Best 10 Robots in 2014
  • ▪ Awarded the “Good Design” mark
  • ▪ Maintains compatibility with the 6mm grid OLLO [ROBOTIS DREAM] frame
  • ▪ Applies the small Dynamixel XL-320 for various motion functions
  • ▪ Offers the ROBOTIS MINI exclusive App (Touch, Gesture, Voice Recognition, Messenger)
  • ▪ Supports various functions for the user’s convenience (battery percentage, offset setting, etc)
  • ▪ Supports R+ Task and R+ Motion
  • ▪ Expandability capability with devices such as color Sensor, LED Module, etc

Various Sensor Expansion Capability

ROBOTIS offers a various range of sensors and parts to add onto ROBOTIS MINI to accomplish and carry out different missions.


The ROBOTIS MINI application [app] uses Button, Gesture, Voice Recognition, and Messenger to control or change movements.

Programming Environment Support

R+ Task
Program your robot using RoboPlus!

R+ Motion
Use RoboPlus Motion to add or modify motions.

Use the ROBOTIS MINI App to access the setting for Server/Client, Motion Sound, and files.